Moshi Porto Q 5K Portable Battery Pack & Wireless Charger



With its built-in 5000mAh battery, the Porto Q 5K Portable Battery Pack & Wireless Charger from Moshi gives you two ways to charge your smartphone while on the go. Use it as a portable power bank via an optional USB Type-A connection, or as a Qi-certified tabletop, cable-free, wireless charging pad. The soft microfiber fabric covering gives the Porto Q a stylish look while protecting your phone’s surface from scratching. A non-slip silicone ring is integrated as well, helping to keep your phone in place. At the end of the day you can plug it into the wall via the included USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable and compatible power adapter (not included) to recharge. Lay your phone on top of the pad and you can simultaneously charge your phone as well.

Additional Features

Foreign object detection stops charging if a metal object is placed on the pad
Up to 7.5W of wireless charging power via the internal battery
Up to 15W of wireless charging power when plugged into an (optional) adapter
“Breathing” LED lets you view the charging status at a glance
Key Features
  • Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging
  • Use as a Power Bank or Charging Pad
  • 5000mAh Internal Battery
  • Up to 15W of Charging Power
  • Microfiber Fabric & Non-Slip Silicone
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • “Breathing” LED Charging Status Light


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