Moshi Lounge Q Wireless Smartphone Charging Stand



Ideal for your desk or nightstand, the fully adjustable Qi-compatible Lounge Q Wireless Smartphone Charging Stand from Moshi sports a tilted stainless steel rail that’s attached to a circular charging pad. This pad can slide up and down the rail to accommodate phones of varying sizes, or for portrait or landscape orientations. The angle is suitable to allow charging while still granting you the ability to easily view streaming videos or keep tabs on incoming notifications. It’s attached to an aluminum base with microfiber fabric tray and non-slip silicone ring to keep your phone in place. The charging pad also sports the same fabric covering and a thin silicone ring for additional stability.

Q-Coil Technology

The charging pad utilizes Moshi’s Q-Coil technology, which is engineered to charge phones through cases up to 0.2″ thick.

Additional Features

Supports Qi EPP (Extended Power Profile) for up to 15W of charging power
LED indicator for viewing charging status
USB Type-C power via included 4′ cable
Integrated cable management slot on the rear of the charging base
Key Features
  • Qi-Compatible Wireless Phone Charging
  • Supports Qi EPP for Up to 15W of Power
  • Height-Adjustable Charging Pad
  • Microfiber Fabric & Non-Slip Silicone
  • Aluminum Base with Cable Management
  • Charges Through Cases Up to 0.2″ Thick
  • LED Charging Status Light
  • USB Type-C Powered via Included Cable


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