mophie power boost mini 2600mAh USB Portable Battery Pack (White)



Recharge your mobile devices with the white mophie power boost mini 2600mAh USB Portable Battery Pack, a compact and portable mobile power solution. This power boost mini features a single USB charging port that outputs up to 1.0A of charging power,

The power boost is designed to be a universal charger, supporting any device that has a charging cable that ends in a USB Type-A connector. For example, if you have a smartphone with a micro-USB to USB Type-A charging cable, connect one end to the phone, and the other to the mophie to start charging.

The power boost provides LED status indicators, which give information on both the current charging status, as well as the current battery level of the mophie power boost. To charge the power boost itself, simply connect the included micro-USB cable and plug it into an (optional) USB charger, or available USB port on a desktop or laptop computer.

Charge Vault Technology

Charge Vault enables the built-in high-density batteries to hold their charge for an extended period, so they have as much power as possible when you’re ready to use it.


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