Mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini – Black



The mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is a wireless charging pad for your Qi-compatible smartphone. With Qi wireless technology, you can recharge your phone’s battery by simply placing it down onto the pad. This charging pad features a rubberized, TPU, non-slip grip coating. This coating not only helps protect your phone from incidental scratches, but it also helps to keep your phone stationary for a stable charging connection with the pad.

This pad delivers up to 10W of power to your smartphone, and with support for both Apple and Samsung’s Fast Charge technology, those phones will get the fastest possible charge from the Charge Stream.

Charge Through Cases

The Charge Stream Pad+ gives you the added convenience of not having to remove your phone from its case to charge it. If your smartphone has a lightweight case that’s up to 3mm thick, you can leave it in there and still enjoy wire-free charging.

Worry-Free Charging

Mophie includes protective technologies that help to make this convenient charging solution a safe one. Built-in circuitry helps to prevent over-charging, as well as controlling the temperature to prevent over-heating. A low standby current ensures that when the pad is idle, it draws as little power as possible.

Foreign Object Detection is another safety feature that can detect when a non-Qi-compatible device is accidentally placed onto the pad, preventing the pad from attempting to charge the object.
Key Features
  • Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone
  • Qi-Compatible Technology
  • Delivers up to 10W of Power
  • Supports Apple & Samsung Fast Charge
  • Charges Through Cases up to 3mm Thick
  • Rubberized, Non-Slip, TPU Coating
  • Over-Charging & Over-Heating Protection
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Low Standby Current When Pad is Idle
  • Micro-USB Cable & Wall Adapter Included


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