Hohem iSteady X2 Smartphone Gimbal (Black)



The Hohem iSteady X2, in black, is a compact 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for capturing smooth and steady video with your smartphone. As you follow your subject, it compensates for any hand-shake, stabilizing your phone along the pan, tilt, and roll axes to deliver professional-looking, cinematic shots. You can also manually move the gimbal head (along with your attached smartphone) up to 320° on each of these axes by using the onboard joystick to achieve smooth motion shots.

The adjustable phone clamp fits up to 3.5″ wide smartphones, supporting virtually all popular phones, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The small size of the gimbal is made even more portable thanks to a folding design. The top part folds over the ergonomic handgrip, allowing you to easily pack the gimbal away in your bag during your travels, vlog shoots, and all other applications.

The iSteady X2 comes with a small remote control that works from up to 33′ away. It allows you to control most of the gimbal functions, including some of those that are only possible via the included companion iOS/Android app, such as zoom in/out (on phones that support this function). The remote also lets you trigger photo capture, start/stop video recording, and turn the gimbal on and off.

A key feature of the iSteady X2 is automatic tracking of faces and objects, achieved with the companion Hohem Pro mobile app, which is provided as a free download. When you’re capturing video of yourself vlogging, you can turn on tracking by displaying the appropriate hand gesture towards your phone. The gimbal will then follow you as you move around. Alternatively, to track a subject other than yourself, whether a person, pet, or object, you simply need to designate in the app what it is you want tracked by assigning a square over it. Hand gestures can also be used to trigger photo capture and start/stop video recording.

The gimbal features a 1/4″-20 mounting thread on the bottom for attaching the supplied mini tripod. The tripod can be used as a stand or as an additional handgrip, so you can hold the gimbal with two hands. It can be used as a stand when you’re vlogging with face tracking on as well. Also included with the gimbal are a USB charging cable, a safety wrist lanyard, and a carry pouch.

Operating Modes

  • Pan & Tilt Follow Mode
  • Auto-Inception Mode
  • Sport Mode
  • POV All Follow Mode
  • All Lock Mode

Hohem Pro iOS/Android App

The companion Hohem Pro iOS/Android app additionally offers seven creative features based on preset axis movements. These include Inception Mode (autorotation), Fantastic Rotation, Dolly Zoom, Panoramic Video, Time-Lapse Video, Dynamic, and Lucky Time. When using the app, which links your phone to the gimbal over Bluetooth, you’ll be able to use the onboard gimbal control buttons to start/stop recording, take a photo, switch between modes, switch between front and rear cameras, zoom in/out (on phones where this is supported), and more.

Up to 10-Hour Battery

The gimbal runs for up to ten hours on the built-in battery. The battery can also be used to charge your smartphone during operation in case your phone battery starts running low. This is done by connecting a USB cable from the bidirectional USB Type-C port of the gimbal to your smartphone, effectively using the gimbal as a power bank for your phone. This same port is used to charge the gimbal battery in approximately 2.5 hours from any standard USB charger, sold separately.

Portrait and Landscape Modes

Switch between portrait and landscape modes with the press of a button. Portrait shots are preferable for select social media destinations.


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