DuraGlass Tempered Glass Camera Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 12



Preserve your iPhone 12 camera lens with the DuraGlass camera screen protector. The anti-fingerprint DuraGlass minimize smudges, while the clear construction preserves video and picture quality. The camera lens protectors is scratch-resistant to help prevent cracks and offer durability, and the micro-dust removal tape allows for easy cleanup.

  • Extreme scratch resistance.
  • Anti-fingerprint coating.
  • Application tray included.
  • Camera flash compatible.

Designed for use with Apple iPhone 12 cell phones
Complements and protects your phone camera.

Made from tempered glass
Safeguards lenses against accidental damage and dings.

Scratch-resistant design
Helps keep your camera clear from scratches.

Anti-fingerprint repelling technology
Minimizes oil smudges on your camera.

Bubble-free installation
The application tray makes it simple to install your camera protector.



  • Apple iPhone 12 [A2172, A2402, A2404, A2403].

Additional information

Weight 141.747616 lbs


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