AT&T Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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AT&T Tempered Glass Antimicrobial Screen Protector is strengthened through a specialized tempering process, making it highly impact and scratch resistant. The smooth feel of the glass mimics your device while repelling smudges with an anti-fingerprint coating. It also features PureGuard antimicrobial product protection which reduces 99% of bacterial growth on the surface for the life of the screen. The AT&T Tempered Glass Screen Protector guards your phone’s display against drops, scratches, and scrapes. With advanced anti-glare properties, you’ll get exceptional display readability in all lighting conditions, especially in bright light.


  • Superior screen protection specially designed for iPhone.
  • Long-lasting, high-strength glass for superior scratch resistance.
  • Vivid display readability and screen clarity in all lighting.
  • Aluminum-infused glass with Antimicrobial case protection.
  • Premium scratch protection with impact-absorbing adhesive.


Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5″ [A2161, A2220, A2218].

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